Institute of Studies of Our Lady of Lujan

Conducted by the Institute of the Incarnate Word

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To the Virgin of Lujan, Paradise of the Incarnation, as a filial gift from these her children of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word, entrusting to her the petition that the reading of these Works may invite all people to “follow the way which Jesus Christ followed in coming into this world, that which He continues to use and will always use”: Mary.

The Institute of the Incarnate Word has the honor of putting at your disposal this historical and devotional treasure about the miracle of Lujan.

Institute of the Incarnate Word

Collection of the Pure and Immaculate Conception of Lujan

Volume I

Ancient chronicles about
Our Lady of Lujan

Volume II

History of Our Lady of Lujan.
Her origin, sanctuary, town miracles, and cult.

Volume III

Our Lady of Lujan.
Critical-historical study 1630-1730