Who We Are

Institute of Studies of Lujan


The Institute of Studies of Lujan (abbreviated IEL in Spanish) of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word has for its goal to conduct different activities in order to study, promote and spread all that is relating to the Pure and Immaculate Conception of Lujan, so that knowledge, love, and honor of her may grow, not only in Argentina, but throughout the world. In this sense the IEL was added to the “Project Virgin of Lujan” begun in our Religious Family in the year 1999.

It addresses the delving into the event of Lujan with the help of the sciences, such as History, Theology, Philosophy, Mariology, Sociology, Anthropology, Law, Art, Music, Theater, etc.


The principal objectives of the IEL are:

  1. To study the event of Lujan from all possible points of view, acting in an interdisciplinary way.
  2. To spread the event of Lujan throughout the world through courses, articles, conferences, concerts, theatrical works, books, expositions of paintings, using the most modern means of communication.
  3. To publish the most important works about Lujan, including unknown works.
  4. To promote the artistic and cultural expressions of the event of Lujan.
  5. To continue with the studies concerning the origin, the sanctuary, the town, the image, the miracles, and the homage of the Immaculate and Pure Conception of Lujan.
  6. To continue the studies concerning the persons of the history of Our Lady of Lujan, so that they may be known and esteemed throughout the world.
  7. In a special way, to spread the devotion to these mentioned historical persons whose processes of beatification have been formally begun by the authorities of the Church, that is to say, Negro Manuel and Fr. Jorge Maria Salvaire. Their lives will be publicized and their devotion will be promoted by holy cards, prayers, etc.
  8. To spread and promote the virtues and human values that are manifested in the event of Lujan.
  9. To delve into the model of perfect inculturation of the Virgin of Lujan in the Argentinian culture and those of different countries where she is present.
  10. To promote her devotion liturgically, for example, promoting her office and embellish it with melodies, in order that the entire liturgy of Our Lady of Lujan may be sung.
  11. To promote the presence of our Lady of Lujan throughout the world, whether it be through her images, medals, holy cards, etc., as well as through liturgical Mass sets, chasubles, the making of the Virgen’s dress, etc.


It is proposed to carry out principally:

  1. International congresses once a year or once every two years, destined mainly for the members of our Religious Family-all those have the possibility to participate whether it be by physical presence or from a distance. The speakers would be from our Religious Family, including those of the Third Order, as well as other expert authors of Lujan. The seat of the congress could be changing according to conveniences and possibilities, seeking to have it in different countries, especially in the places where there is a greater presence of our religious.
  2. An annual conference for laity. This could be realized principally in Argentina, inviting principally the laity of the Secular Third Order and friends of the congregation.
  3. Organize other smaller and more sporadic activities which help to attain the proposed objectives.